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#52 Ancestors Week 4 "Invite to Dinner"

This is a difficult one, who would I invite and why?  There are so many in my tree for all sorts of reasons I would like to meet, so other than just singling out a single person, here are some of the people I would like round my dinner table and why.  

William Wadey (1764-1828) Maternal Great Great Great Grandfather.  William has caused me problems for a long time, he is my oldest  “Brick Wall”  The earliest record I have of William is his marriage to Hannah Burstow (1790-1856) in Brighton 4th December 1825

William was born c1764 and after his marriage to Hannah had two children Thomas Wadey (1827-1854) and Stephen Edwin Wadey unfortunately William died before Stephen was born and is shown on Stephen’s baptism record as deceased.
William is shown as a widower on his marriage record and at his death 3 years later his age is shown as 64 and living in Circus Street, Brighton, but I cannot find any records of William or his first wife.  So William is going to be one of my guests as I would love to ask him where he was born and the names of his parents to knock down this brick wall

Rosetta Elizabeth Lane (1853-1926) Paternal Great Great Grandmother.  This lady has my admiration and I just would love to meet her and find out about her and her life.  Rosetta was born on Hope Street, Mile Town Sheerness on  10th February 1853 the only daughter of Michael Lane (1816-1884) and Amy Taylor (1822-1907)  By the age of 8 in 1861 Rosetta is living with her parents at 41 Meeting House Lane, Chatham.   She married Horatio Blair West when she was 18 in 1872 and ten years later she had divorced him.  Considering this was 1880’s this was pretty rare (around 300 divorces per year) especially with the wife filing for the divorce   Rosetta has a great story and needs more than a couple of paragraphs, watch out in future for Rosetta’s full story

Walter James Worsfold (1872-1949) Maternal Great Grandfather   

Back row Hartie Worsfold(Great Aunt), Walter Worsfold (Great Grandfather), Dorothy Mitten (Grandmother), Charles Henry West (Grandfather), Keith West (Uncle). Middle row Dorothy Wadey, John West (Mum & Dad), Stephen Wadey (Grandfather).   Front row Margaret Wadey (Aunt), Michael West (Uncle)
 I have heard a few memories from my Mum about this gentleman.  Walter was born 23rd April 1872 in Brighton one of ten children of William Worsfold (1835-1907) and Harriet Bonniface (1847-1883) Walter was their 5th child, Walter had 7 sisters and 2 brothers.  In 1895 Walter married Mary Jane Moore (nee French) a young widow living along the street from his home in Ivory Place, Brighton.  When he married Mary Jane he also became a father to her three surviving children, Minnie Moore aged 12, Mary Elizabeth Moore aged 9 and Arthur Moore aged 5.  Walter and Mary Jane went on to have two children of their own, both girls, Harriett Frances Worsfold (1895-1975) and Clara Emily Worsfold (1899-1962). 
Before his marriage Walter was at sea, showing on the 1891 census as an ordinary seaman on board a vessel called Spirit out of Poole.  With only 3 crew members I would imagine that it was a local fishing boat.  After his marriage he changed employment and became a Coal Carter.  At some stage after the death of his wife in 1929, Walter spent a while living with this daughter Clara and her family at 108 Hythe Road, Brighton.  Recollection from Dorothy (one of Walter’s granddaughters) is that Walter would sit in a chair and cup his hand around his ears when any one spoke to him as though he was hard of hearing, but whenever his son in law Stephen Wadey would say “Come on old un shall we go along the road" he always heard first time.  Along the road would mean the Stanmer Park Tavern just opposite the end of Hythe Road.  I would love to have him round my table just to get to know him and maybe find out some stories of my Mum when she was a girl.   The picture above is a mix of the two sides of my family both Wadey’s & West’s are in this photo, Walter is second from the left on the back row. Actually I would like to invite everyone in this photo

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