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#52Ancestors Week 13 "The Old Homestead"

108 Hythe Road

Affectionately know as One O Eight by the family this house was home to the Wadey family for 76 years.  Stephen and Clara Wadey brought up seven children in this house, four boys and three girls.  I have fond memories of this house from my childhood, from "sleep-overs" with my brother when my Mum and Dad had evenings out and being looked after by my uncle and aunt to visiting when The Wadey brothers and sisters visited Brighton with their families. I cannot mention these visits without being reminded of Stanmer Park where we used to go for Family Picnics, special times x

From records it would appear that plans for the building of 29 homes 78 to 134 Hythe Road were first submitted 20 July 1899.  There are some large houses in Hythe Road set for demolition

From 1901 to 1904 the old houses still seem to be inhabited.  The first clue we have on the residents of 108 Hythe Road comes in the 1911 census when Ben Heath and his family are showing as living there.  Ben's occupation is a Chimney Sweep!
The street directories show Ben continuing to live at 108 in 1914
But by 1915 Ben has moved out and his brother George has moved in with his family.  George who in earlier years was a Coachman is showing as a Cartman in 1911.
1917 and all change again the street directory shows Mrs Painter living at 108
With so little information it is impossible to know who this is lady is and a year later the Heath's are back with the 1918 directory showing Mrs Heath.  1920 George is back on the directory and stays showing until 1924 with his death.  Probate shows his address as 108 Hythe Road
1925 shows Mrs Heath as resident.
1926 shows Mrs Heath and STEPHEN WADEY.
1926 and the first time that STEPHEN WADEY is shown along with Mrs Heath in the street dirctory. Stephen and Clara married in 1920 and by 1926 both Stephen AL Wadey and Robert Wadey have been born so 1926 the Wadey family shown as occupants along with Mrs Heath.   As Stephen bought the house in 1925 I imagine that Mrs Heath boarded there until she disappears from the street directory for Hythe Road in 1931  I can find no family link with the Heath family, other than the fact that George's brother was also a chimney sweep.  Initially I thought that Mrs Heath was Mrs George Heath, but this is not correct as Mrs George Heath died 1912.  Maybe a family member may be able to recall something?
This is the 1931 register the first time that Stephen Wadey is shown as the only family head.  Next door is Sharman, if memory serves right when I was a child 60's and 70's the lady next door was Bolly (sic) Sharman?  The daughter of Jn David Sharman?
Again any family member with any information this would be gratefully received.

Land registry shows Stephen buying the house on 26th August 1925

In my search for information in the newspaper archives I came across a very strange advert for a miracle cream in several local newspapers throughout the country this cream has been endorsed by a Mrs B Shepherd of 108 Hythe Road, Preston, Brighton, England.  Cannot find any record of this lady at 108 Hythe Road, but makes interesting reading

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