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#52 Ancestors Week 6 “Favourite Name”

Gravett Meaning:  English: topographic name for someone who lived by a copse or small grove, Middle English gravette, grevette (from a diminutive of Old English graf ‘grove’). Altered spelling of French Gravet

Initially I was thinking of finding my favourite name of one of my ancestors, second thoughts I thought I would look for the name that appears the most in my tree, therefore a family favourite name.
William  Gravett or Gravatt.  This name appears 20 times in my tree, here they are starting with Great great Grandfather

William George Gravett (1822-1897)Great Great Grandfather

William George was born late 1822 and baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Billingshurst on 1st December 1822, the second son of Edward Gravett (1789-1857) and Ann Puttock (1794-1871)  William is living at Swan House, Billingshurst with his Uncle, Philip Puttock and Aunt Mary and is showing as a male servant on the 1841 census when he is 19 years old.  William marries Mary Jeal (1826-1903) in Billingshurst on 25th March 1848.  Their first son George William was born 1849 in Horsham.  By the next census in 1851 William is living with his wife and son also William’s sister Ann is lodging with them at Springfield Road, Horsham.  William is working as a brewers cellar man, there are 6 brewery’s in Horsham at this time, so unable to say where he was working.  In 1853 William and Ann’s first daughter Ann Maria is born in Horsham.  Some time between 1853 and 1854 when their next son Morris Edwin is born they have moved to Chapel Street, Brighton.  Their 3rd son James Frederick is born 1857 then daughter Mary Jane 1861 by which time they have moved to 10 St Johns Place, Brighton where William is working as a labourer and Mary is charring. Rosina is born in 1863, Charles Thomas 1868 by which time they have moved again to 28 Hanover Street, Brighton.  Their final child Robert John is born in 1873.  William continues to live in Hanover Street until his death on 10th October 1897

William Gravett (1578-1626) 10th Great Grandfather
Son of William Gravett and Alice Shepherde William was born in Easebourne in 1578 married 3 times and dying at the age of 48 in Chiddingfold, he was buried on 20th Feb 1626 

Willyam Gravat (1545- ?) 11th Great Grandfather
Son of William Gravett and Agnes baptised in Easebourne, Sussex 1545

William Gravett (1520-1574) 12th Great Grandfather
Son of John Gravett and unknown mother. William was born Easebourne in 1520 and died 1574

William George Gravett  (1892-1974) 1st cousin twice removed
This William was born in Brighton 21st November 1892 the son of Charles Thomas Gravett and Clarrissa Mary Miles.  He joined the Army in 1915 and served in the Royal West Surrey Regiment and fought in France and was wounded 28 Feb 17 with a gunshot wound in his left arm and was sent home 1st March 1917.  He married Johanna Clark in 1918, they had 3 children Eric, Roland and Jessie.  The 1939 register shows him as working as a PSV driver living in The Highway, Brighton

William Gravett  (1858- ?) 1st Cousin 3 times removed
Born in 1858 the son of Henry Gravett and Mary Childs William was baptised in Billingshurst, Sussex 26th Dec 1858. William was a general labourer moving around Surrey until he married Elizabeth Kislingbury 7th Sept 1895 in Marylebone, London.  They had two sons William Charles and Robert Frank.

William Gravett (1829-1912) 1st cousin 4 times removed
William was born in 1829 in Billingshurst, Sussex and at the age of 23 left for the USA arriving in New York on 30th March 1852.  William married Ellen Johnson on 8th Feb 1853 in White, Illinois. William and Ellen had 10 children John Peter, Sarah, Alice, Hugh Henry, Florence, Eunice, William Allen, Edward, Nell and Edmond. William died in 1912 in Greyville, White Illinois.

William Gravett (1829-? ) 1st Cousin 4 times removed
Born in 1829 the son of William Gravett  (above)and Mary Shrubb he was baptised in Rudgewick , Sussex 18th October 1829.  At the age of 21 he is working as an Ag Lab in Rudgewick.  After the 1861 census where he is lodging in Ewell and working as an ag lab I can find no further record of William

William Gravett (1723-1778) 1st cousin 8 times removed
Son of William Gravett and Elizabeth Stredwick William is baptised at Cranleigh, Surrey on 10th Dec 1723 and lived in Cranleigh until his death in 1778

William Gravett (1633- ?) 1st cousin 10 times removed
The son of Jeremiah Gravett and Elizabeth Granger William is born in Lyminster  circa 1633

William Charles Gravett  (1896- ?) 2nd Cousin 2 times removed
Son of above born 18th May 1896 and baptised in Leatherhead 26th July 1896.  During WWI he served in Royal Garrison Artillery He married (Doris) Frances A Solomon in West Ham 1924. 1939 they are living in New Maldon and William is working as a tool engineer.  He has one son Kenneth W E Gravett in 1930.  William dies 10th Oct 1957 at the age of 61 in Kingston upon Thames

William Allen Gravett (1871-1951) 2nd cousin 3 times removed
William was born 1871 in Grayville Illinois the son of William Gravett and Ellen Johnson.  William married Maud Stanley Patty (1880-1975) on 23rd Nov 1907 in Miami Ohio. They had 4 children Charles, Edmund, Patty and Robert.   Willian died if Florida at the age of 80 in 1951

Willie Gravett (1868 -? ) 2nd Cousin 3 times removed
Willie was born 1868 in Grayville, Illinois the son of Thomas Gravett and Mary Ann Johnson

William Stanley Gravett (1780- ?) 2nd Cousin 7 times removed
The son of George Gravett and Mary Richardson he was born in 1780 and baptised at Ewhurst  on 24th  Sept 1780.  William lived all his life in Ewhurst married Elizabeth Taylor and had one son Henry in 1827. Have yet to find details of William Stanleys death, he is recorded in the 1861 census at the age of 81

William Gravett (1793-1867) 4th Great Uncle
William was born in Billingshurst 1793 the son of Thomas Gravett and Ann Redman.  He was baptised 17th July 1793.  William married Mary Shrubb on 1st Oct 1821 in Rudgewick, Sussex.  William was an agricultural labourer. William and Mary had 8 children and lived the rest of their lives in Rudgewick.

 William Gravett (1760-?) 5th Great Uncle
The son of Thomas Gravatt and Susannah Saires William was baptised on 30th November 1760 in Pulborough, Sussex.

William Gravett (1732- ?) 6th Great Uncle
Born in 1732 the son of Thomas Gravett and Elizabeth Tribe William was baptised in Wisborough Green, Sussex on 4th Dec 1732

William Gravett (1691-?) 8th Great Uncle
Son of Thomas Gravett and Sarah Gadd William was baptised in Cranleigh on 21st  Oct 1691

William Gravett (1643-1708) 9th Great Uncle
The son of Ralph Gravett and Eliabeth Chalcroft William was baptised in Chiddingfold, Surrey on 19th Nov 1643 he died in Cranleigh aged 65 in 1708

William Gravett (1597- ?)  10th Great Uncle
The son if William Gravett and Elizabeth Shepherde William was baptised in Felpham 23rd Aug 1597


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